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Chiropractic Testimonials

Amy Buchanan

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   I have been going to Caputo Chiropractic for regular care since I fell and injured my tailbone in 2000. This past year, I put too much stress on the tailbone while raking leaves, and needed to return to relieve the pain. Coincidentally, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. Dr. Judy provided me with reassuring care and monthly adjustments throughout my entire pregnancy, which prevented me from enduring more lower back pain than necessary during the pregnancy. I have also continued to go for monthly adjustments postnatally, to relieve the strain on my back and neck incurred by carrying and nursing an ever growing infant. Dr. Judy is an exceptional doctor who knows her patients well and is concerned for their overall health. With regular chiropractic care, I have been able to reduce the frequency of tailbone and related back pain which improves the quality of my life.


Alex Boie - Age 11

I had torticollis in my neck and was unable to straighten up. I woke up on Saturday morning, completely sideways. Dr. Judy took me in immediately and worked her magic on my neck and shoulder. I left the office a little numb, but completely upright. After my second visit, a couple of days later, I was completely fine again. Now I can play sports and do all the things an 11 year old is supposed to do.

David Dinobile

Like younger brothers, I would follow my big brother around.  One of the places I would follow him to was the Volunteer Fire Station.  It wasn’t long before I was attending training classes.  I began to ride the tracks to fires when I was sixteen.  For the next fourteen years I would dedicate all of my spare time to protecting the people of the community.  In the early eighties, the community was growing and a full time fire department was imminent.  A full time force was implemented and I was appointed.  I was in excellent physical shape, looking forward to a long career.

 Two years into my service, on a cold February day, I was assisting to lift a heavy patient into a rescue truck.  When I lifted, I felt a shooting pain in my left lower back.  The next day I was experiencing pain in my lower back, buttocks and legs.  For the next nine months, I would embark on a medical journey through doctor’s and physical therapy offices.  Diagnostic tests included MRI, Myelogram, CT Scan and EEG.  Medications included an assortment of pain killers, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers.  I would also receive 21 injections into my lower back.  Nothing was helping and I felt that I would have to retire from the job I loved.  I was a private and 32 years old.  My neurosurgeon told my there was nothing more he could do for me.  I was told to live with the pain and take pain killers when needed.  I refused to accept what the doctor was saying!  Since the MD’s couldn’t help me, I decided to try chiropractic care.  It was actually my neurosurgeon who sent me to my chiropractors, Dr. Edward Caputo and Dr. Judith Gallagher.

 I called Dr. Caputo on a Monday and I was in the following day.  They immediately made an impression on me.  They were friendly, professional and eager to help me.  Following a thorough examination, Dr. Caputo determined that a lack of stability in my lower back was causing me problems.  Dr. Caputo would become my primary doctor, with Dr. Gallagher assisting.  The doctors felt that they could help me, if I was willing to help myself.  Dr. Caputo would give me chiropractic adjustments and prescribe a stretching and exercise program.  I want to note that at the time I first met with Dr. Caputo, I was in severe back and leg pain.  My exercise program at the beginning consisted of back stretching exercises and a particular exercise that helped my immensely; walking in a pool.  One mile in the water, equals two and a half miles on land.  At the beginning, I was seeing Dr. Caputo three times a week.  Each visit consisted of hot and cold therapy, electrical stimulation and adjustments.  All the chiropractic adjustments are pain free.  With improvement, my visits were reduced to two times per week. 

Approximately twelve weeks after being treated by Dr. Caputo, I returned to work.  Retirement was no longer an option for me now.  Instead I was looking forward to taking the promotional exam for lieutenant.  Six months after my first visit with Dr. Caputo, I was promoted to lieutenant.  I continued to do well, with stretching and aqua therapy being the key.  In 1992 I was promoted to Captain.  I thank the doctor everyday for improving my quality of life and saving my career.  I now see Dr. Caputo every six weeks for “maintenance”.  Stretching and exercising are part of my daily life, stressed by Dr. Caputo.  Dr.’s Caputo and Gallagher are knowledgeable, compassionate professionals who have many years of experience in treating all kinds of injuries.  At the writing of this story I am now retired from the fire department and am in a second career.  The doctors and staff not only healed my back, they also healed my spirit to help me aim for future goals.

BioSET Testimonials

Michelle Tavano, BioSET patient

The treatment I receive at Caputo Chiropractic is the primary contributor in fighting my Chronic Lyme Disease. Having had Lyme disease for over 6  years I have suffered many symptoms caused by Lyme along with complications caused by Lyme.  I have tried numerous types of treatment in both traditional and alternative arenas.  It was through BioSET, that I learned that the antibiotics I had been taking for four months, were not only ineffective in treating my Lyme, but they were actually poisoning me! Dr. Gallagher's extensive knowledge and expertise of immune disorders, chiropractic and energy medicine have opened up a whole new world for me.  BioSET has identified the areas in my body which are weak and compromised. Through enzyme therapy, regular BioSET treatments, regular chiropractic adjustments and learning how to identify what my body needs to be well, I am on my way to being healthy again. The care I receive at Caputo Chiropractic by Dr. Gallagher, Dr. Caputo and the staff is by far the best care I have ever received. Dr. Gallagher and Dr. Caputo are eager to restore a patient's health and will go the extra mile to ensure each patient receives the best care they can offer.

Laura Nottie

For as long as I can remember I've suffered from both food and seasonal allergies. My food allergies gave me pounding headaches and some made me physically ill. After one inparticularly bad session, I ended up going to Lahey Clinic where they had me go through a purge diet followed by adhering to a Head Ache diet avoiding a list of certain foods. As I got older, my seasonal allergies kept getting worse and my "season" kept growing. First it was just fall. Then it was spring and fall. Then it became the whole year. For two years I took an allergy medication every day to just breath normally.

When Dr Judy Gallagher tested my polarity for allergies, I had no idea what it could do or how it would change my life. Needless to say, I came up positive for a host of items, from food to pollens to other allergens. I made a conscious decision to try this alternate approach to my allergies. Clearly the traditional medicines weren't curing me, so I rationalized that I would give this a test, sort of a personal experiment. I am SO GLAD I did. It started slow. I can't claim any instantaneous major breakthroughs, but I did know that I was feeling a little better here and a little better there. Eventually all these little improvements added up to my feeling better than ever. I stopped taking all allergy medicines and I eat and drink at will without fear. Gone are the food headaches and nausea. Gone is the year round congestion, itchy eyes and scratchy throat. Now if I feel the old symptoms, I go to Dr Judy Gallagher and she's been able to resolve it immediately.

I recommend BioSET to anyone who is suffering from allergies. It's been amazingly effective for me and it's a big comfort to know that it's based on natural enzymes.

Lisa Ponte

I began Bioset treatments for my allergy to gluten.  I have Celiac disease. I have made tremendous improvements!  I am now eating small amounts of wheat and feeling great!  I feel that BioSET has not only helped me with my gluten allergy but has also improved my overall health.  My energy level is high, my stress level is low and my immune system, which was poor, is now better than ever!  After going on the BioSET program, I feel like a new person!  BioSET has been a life saver! 

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