Enzyme Therapy and Digestion *

Do you eat cooked or processed foods?*

If the answer is

YES then you need enzymes to feel better and improve your health!

Continue reading this brochure to learn how enzymes can help you!

*More than 90% of the food eaten by the average American is cooked or processed at temperatures greater than 118° F. The heat involved, whether it comes from microwaving, steaming, broiling, roasting, pasteurizing, sauteing, stir frying or any other source, destroys food enzymes. The result is incomplete digestion, less nutrition, greater stress on your digestive system, which can lead to more digestive problems.

Your digestive tract is not designed to handle the modern American diet of cooked and processed food. Nature intended it to take advantage of the enzymes present in all raw foods.

Enzymes...the Key to Digestion

Your body uses enzymes to digest the food you eat. Two ways you get enzymes to perform this task are externally from the food you eat (food enzymes) and internally from your digestive organs (digestive enzymes). But when your food is cooked or processed at temperatures greater than 118° F, the enzymes in the food are destroyed. To compensate for these lost food enzymes, you body must work harder and create more digestive enzymes to fully digest your food. If  you’ve ever felt sleepy after a meal, it’s because your body is working harder than it should to digest the food you’ve eaten.

And when your body has to work harder at

digestion, it doesn’t have as much energy to devote to other functions, like protecting itself against foreign invaders (immune function) and making new cells and tissues. When your body compensates for lost enzymes, your health suffers.

Enzymes...Supplementing Digestion

By taking an enzyme supplement with each meal or snack, you’ll replace some of the enzymes lost when food is cooked or processed. You’ll get more nutrition out of your food, allowing your digestive organs to spend less effort on digestion and more energy on keeping your body healthy.

Because each of us has a different diet and a different digestive system, it is important to take the right blend of enzymes.Your practitioner can recommend the right enzyme supplements to help with digestion and meet your specific health needs.

Enzymes...Easing Digestive Concerns

If you have problems with indigestion, gas, bloating, constipation or reflux, a digestive enzyme supplement can help your body break down the foods you eat. When food is broken down more thoroughly, fewer digestive complaints occur.

Most medications taken for digestive discomfort merely mask symptoms without correcting the under-lying cause. If you’re currently taking any over-the-counter or prescription medications, consider switching to digestive enzyme supplements, the natural solution for digestive problems.

Enzymes Work...

To Make You Healthier

Enzymes, Inc. has three complete professional lines of high-quality enzyme supplements.

Enzymes...the Many Health Benefits

By taking the proper blend of supplemental enzymes, you will:

  • Increase the nutrients you absorb from your diet to improve overall nutrition
  • Decrease or eliminate indigestion, gas, bloating and reflux
  • Reduce fatigue and increase your energy
  • Address the underlying cause of digestive complaints rather than temporarily masking the symptoms
  • Ease stress on digestive organs, especially the pancreas, by reducing their workload
  • Enhance the body’s digestive efficiency, leaving energy to focus on other functions, like strengthening the immune system and regenerating cells and tissues
  • Improve general health and quality of life

Enzymes at Work

Bananas arrive in the store green and ripen over time–this is an example of enzymes at work. Natural enzymes turn that bitter green banana into a sweet yellow banana and eventually a soft black banana.

When you eat a banana, its enzymes will help digest the banana as it passes through your digestive tract. Every time the food enzymes you ingest break down food, your body has less work to do in the digestive process. Unfortunately, cooking and processing destroy these naturally occurring enzymes and force our bodies to take on the full burden of digestion.

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